What’s a ‘local nature partnership’ and why do we need one?

Bedfordshire’s natural environment is unique. Our wildlife is extraordinary and special, our landscape is incredibly varied for a relatively small county. The ecosystem services it provides from food and fuel to flood prevention and business opportunities are critical to our daily lives. It’s one of Bedfordshire’s biggest assets and one that has not been appropriately valued in the past.

But we face big challenges. Many parts of Bedfordshire have been subject to sustained industrial activity or intensive farming for many years. This combined with a continued growth in house building and development has meant our wildlife and special places are left relatively disconnected across the county.

Now, more than ever we need to strengthen the connection between Bedfordshire’s communities, economies and environment. We need to ensure that the benefits of our natural environment are properly valued – and in turn, that those precious assets are safeguarded into the future.

It’s for these reasons that the Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership was established in 2013 bringing together everyone with an interest in securing the benefits of our natural environment. Put simply, we’re all about connecting people with nature aiming to get the best outcome for everyone.

Purposes & Aims

Our three aims are:

  • To protect and improve Bedfordshire’s natural environment
    We will protect and enhance our natural resources and achieve bigger, better, joined-up and resilient wildlife habitats, together with characteristic landscapes.
  • To grow Bedfordshire’s green economy
    We will support and promote business opportunities which depend on and help to sustain a healthy natural environment.
  • To reconnect Bedfordshire’s people with nature We will improve and promote access to the environment for residents and visitors, benefiting our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and quality of life.

Meeting these aims won’t be easy, so to focus our efforts we’ve identified four Priority Projects for 2015.

Our Structure

The Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership doesn’t employ staff. Rather we’re a diverse partnership of organisations working together to coordinate activities, pool resources and share ideas.

We are governed by a Board of high-level thinkers and advocates drawn from various sectors who lead our strategy. Supported by members, making up the Partnership and open to anyone interested in our work who wants to make a difference on the ground.

To learn more contact Jon Balaam of the Greensand Trust by email here or call 01234 743666.

Contact us

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    The Greensand Trust
    The Working Woodlands Centre
    Maulden Wood
    Haynes West End
    Bedfordshire, MK45 3UZ

    T: 01234 744592
    M: 07904 310833
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