Greensand Country Landscape Partnership

About the programme

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership has been formed by bringing together a diverse range of local bodies, under the leadership of Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and the Greensand Trust, to raise awareness of the heritage value of this landscape and to reverse the gradual decline in its distinctiveness.  By working in partnership we hope to take a landscape scale approach to conservation across the area, involving the key land owners and managers, and work towards developing a sustainable future for Greensand Country.

The aims of this programme are:

  1. To restore and strengthen landscape character in the area, focusing on key habitats and built environment features intrinsic to the landscape;
  2. To reconnect local communities with their landscape;
  3. To invest in skills to enable the stewardship of the landscape for generations to come;
  4. To contribute to rural economic growth;
  5. To create a robust, effective partnership for managing the landscape beyond the life of the Landscape Partnership scheme.

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    The Greensand Trust
    The Working Woodlands Centre
    Maulden Wood
    Haynes West End
    Bedfordshire, MK45 3UZ

    T: 01234 744592
    M: 07904 310833
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